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Smart sulfur recovery and processing solutions

Tessenderlo Kerley is a leader in the world marketplace for sulfur recovery and process solutions. TKI, along with its business units, offers expertise, ability and the technologies in a complete package of design and construction, financing, operating, owning and marketing sulfur-based solutions tailored to fit any situation. Keeping a close eye on efficient cost-benefit ratios achieves customer objectives.
TKI's expertise is based on more than 60 years of experience handling H2S and SO2 gases from oil refineries, gasification and gas plants. These company capabilities ably manage sulfur concerns, with a total package of solutions to address the problems associated with handling acid gases or sour water stripper gases, converting them into safe and beneficial products for sale.
TKI's sulfur recovery processes typically achieve sulfur recovery levels of 99.995% with on-stream factors of 99.95 to 99.99%.
TKI's expertise and technology is widely known and also includes emissions control for sulfuric acid plants, smelters, power plants and mercaptan processing plants.
TKI creates environmentally friendly solutions.