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Jupiter Sulphur LLC, for value-added sulfur products

Jupiter Sulphur LLC is the successful result of a 26-year partnership between Tessenderlo Kerley and major oil company Phillips 66 Oil, processing all its sulfur at two of the oil company's largest refineries.
With its core competency in sulfur processing, Jupiter Sulphur manages production and back-end reclamation better than anyone in the marketplace. Combining the expertise of these two market leaders offers the ultimate in "over the fence" world-class sulfur processing services, upgrading off-gasses into high quality, value-added products.
Off-gasses are uncommon assets normally considered non-performing on any other oil company's balance sheet. However, by harnessing the ability to upgrade undesirables, Jupiter's reliability, flexibility and financial feasibility makes the most of this cooperative effort.
TKI handles day-to-day operations for Jupiter, but the unique joint venture "seconds," or loans out, employees from the ranks of both companies. This cross pollenation and sharing of company cultures has been a positive force for the groups and employees that serve the venture. Jupiter's reliability, or up-time run rates, far surpass industry standards while maintenance costs are well below those commonly reported in the industry.
A stellar environmental record
Jupiter Sulphur is proud of its environmental record. Using TKI's technology and experience, the sulfur processor exceeds governmental emissions requirements in every category. This commitment to the environment extends to its employees, with a safety record of more than 17 years with no lost-time incidents.
Jupiter Sulphur provides H2S and sour water stripper stream processing services to customer refineries and then converts those streams to environmentally friendly chemicals, minimizing effects on its surroundings.
The Jupiter Sulphur partnership has successfully pulled the strengths of both companies together to form a self-sufficient business enterprise.