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ECS, for environmentally clean system

Environmentally Clean Systems LLC, (ECS), serves the oil and gas industries, providing water reclamation for produced water, frac water, flow back water and black water. A joint venture of TKI's MPR Services and Jet Oil Solutions, ECS uses electro-coagulation and reverse osmosis technology supported by MPR's vast experience in remediation processes in an extensive research and development laboratory.
ECS's technology is an environmentally efficient and economical means of addressing wastewater problems where wastewater generated in drilling and related processes can be efficiently reused. ECS tailors technologies to meet individual needs and situations, to reduce or eliminate the use of reagents and equipment associated with chemical systems of wastewater treatment. The result is lower costs and a flexibility in wastewater utilization or disposal.
ECS removes contaminants using an economical ion-exchange operation with an integrated solution to address all potential contaminant issues.

Heavy metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria and silicates can be removed and wastewater can be cleaned to potable standards or to any established standard required for environmentally safe reuse or disposal.


ECS's technology can reclaim high volumes of wastewater far more efficiently than other processes in use today.