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Wolf Mountain - for remarkable soil enhancement

Wolf Mountain provides soil enhancement products with rare qualities, along with more than 30 years of experience growing plants of all varieties in horticultural, golf and agricultural settings.
The unique properties of Wolf Mountain products are based on a large quantity of aged wood and bark, or composed bark, buried more than 20 years ago that has had time to dry and cure to reach its optimal stage to strengthen soil properties. It produces a finished product that is exceptionally dry, and replete with natural minerals that aid growing.
Wolf Mountain grow mixes and landscape products have very high water retention properties (as high as 30 percent) and a low pH (acidic), making it ideal for alkaline Western soils. Products break down quickly without "stealing" nitrogen like newer bark-based soil amendments.
Products include a broad range of wood and bark-based soil enhancements, bark mixes, landscape ground cover products, playground chips, professional grow mixes, compost products, sawdust and wood shavings.



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Premium bark and wood ground cover products
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