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Tessenderlo AgroChem markets liquid fertilizers to Turkey.

A host of crops — apples, zucchini, cotton, corn, peaches and more all benefit from the high quality nutrient levels produced by Tessenderlo Agrochem, (TA), a recent acquisition by Tessenderlo Kerley.
TA has emerged as a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of high-analysis liquid foliar and drip irrigation fertilizers, and liquid soil amendment fertilizers for growers aiming at high net return per acre and superior quality for agricultural markets in Turkey.

Together with high-hybrid seeds, Agrochem's ingredients and quality fertilizers — timed and placed properly — have produced stunning yield increases over the past 40-plus years.

TA has been a basic manufacturer and importer of liquid fertilizers since 1994. Headquartered in Istanbul, the company operates a manufacturing, storage and packaging facility in Izmir, producing and marketing branded liquid fertilizers. TA also imports TKI products and sources U.S. ammonium phosphate solutions
(APP 11-37-0) for distribution in the region.

TA will soon add TKI's N-SURE® to its product line. The company's liquid fertilizers are marketed throughout Turkey's irrigated agriculture using a distribution network of more than 500 local dealers in the region, with four exclusive main distributors in the four regions Aegean, Antalya, Mersin-Adana and Amasya (Black Sea).

TKI is proud to play a very significant role in providing high-technology, high-quality liquid fertilizers to Turkish growers.

 MANVERT™ group of products


a premier phosphorus + potassium liquid fertilizer
a special liquid seaweed extract concentrate

Always follow Application Guide and Label Recommendations.