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Plant nutrition to boost plant vigor
Tessenderlo Kerley's sulfur-based liquid fertilizers and soil amendments are used on a variety of crops to boost yield through proper plant nutrition and soil amendment.
The thiosulfate molecule is the common denominator in several TKI products. Many unique brands have been developed using this particular molecular structure.
TKI offers growers sulfur-based nutrient solutions to correct sulfur deficiencies. In areas of sodic soils, these products also act as a soil amendment.

Through its TRISERT™ products, TKI offers a family of urea triazone-based, slow-release nitrogen, clear liquid fertilizers applicable as a foliar or soil-applied solution. Derived from TKI's patented urea-triazone nitrogen solution N-SURE™, TRISERT is available in several different formulations and with varying levels of slow-release nitrogen. This unique form of nitrogen is released slowly and won't burn plants. As a result, nitrogen is absorbed by the plants more efficiently, boosting plant vigor and net return per acre.

TKI's triazone-based, slow-release nitrogen solutions may be used in different blends and combined with other plant nutrient products. When applied with KTS™, TKI's high-analysis potassium plus sulfur, synergistic action offers a significant benefit to crops.



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